Providing support and educational opportunities to empower disadvantaged, underprivileged, mentally and physically challenged individuals to become self-sustaining adults of tomorrow.

WHO WE AREmaking a difference... One child at a time

Home Of Hope is a 501 (c)(3) California-based nonprofit organization. HOH nurtures underprivileged and most destitute children with disabilities and provides them with love, care, and hope ensuring a safe and secure future for them.

HOH funds necessary resources and enables access to—education, mental health, computer skills, vocational training, and sports programs. These opportunities make a significant difference in uplifting the lives of orphaned and abandoned children as well as many children with mental and physical disabilities.

Our all-volunteer team identifies organizations that exemplify integrity, accountability, and a commitment to accelerate social and policy change in India. We raise funds for such partner projects to develop their innovative programs. By scaling up the projects, HOH empowers our partners to expand their capacity and broaden their reach to impact maximum underprivileged children and youth with special needs.

With minimal overhead (we are entirely volunteer driven) HOH has brought incredible change to the quality of life in over 100,000 of India's children and youth.


Our projects spread over multiple states in India, and serve over 100,000 children of all ages. All projects implement quality education for children, specifically girls, through four core programs: Computer Education, Vocational Training, Disability and Mental Health, and K-12/Higher Education.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.


  • ATMASHREEK12 and Higher EducationComputer Education: English Empowerment - K-12
  • CHOHK12 and Higher EducationVocational Training: Defining New Destinies - Long Term Stay, K-12
  • Kerala Toilet ProjectsK12 and Higher Education: Essentials of Life - Hygiene for rural schools
  • KoshishK12 and Higher EducationVocational TrainingComputer Education: From Slum to Success - After school Day Care Center
  • ManovikasK12 and Higher EducationVocational TrainingComputer EducationDisability and Empowerment: SpeciallyAbled with MiracAbilities - Educational Institution
  • MijwanVocational Training: Dream with your eyes open so you can witness it - Vocational and Sports Center
  • NABVocational Training: Empowering their Vision - Helping blind women thrive not just survive
  • PaanPoeeK12 and Higher Education: Fountain of Knowledge to quench the thirst of Curiosity of Learning - Library Project, K-12
  • PingalwaraK12 and Higher EducationVocational TrainingComputer EducationDisability and Empowerment: My Eye is my Ear, My Hand is my Voice - School for the hearing impaired and mute, Outreach Program
  • PrajwalaVocational Training: Hope and Justice for Humaneness - Rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking
  • Project SharanVocational Training: helping in Education of Covid Orphans
  • SaiDhamK12 and Higher EducationVocational TrainingComputer Education: Divine Dham of Service - K-12 & Vocational Training Center
  • Seva NilayamK12 and Higher EducationVocational Training: Fighting Poverty - Education & Vocational Training
  • Siruthuli: Drops of Effort to Heal the Earth - Tree Planting project
  • SSSK12 and Higher EducationComputer Education: Dignity not Charity - Funding for higher education
  • Udayan CareK12 and Higher EducationVocational TrainingComputer EducationDisability and Empowerment: Regenerating the Rhythm of Life - Long Term Stay, Mental Health, Vocational Training and Higher Education

- K12 and Higher Education
- Computer Education
- Vocational Training
- Disability and Empowerment

Projects in India


Home of Hope's youth chapter is founded on three principles, a. To ignite compassion in kids born & raised in US fuled by innovative and leadership skills. While helping the under served kids in India they are given tools to tap their potential of creativeness as they are given a blank compass with the help of supporting team they are encouraged to come up with their ideas to help kids according to what they feel is needed most. There are several great success stories but couple of them stand out which has taken the YC to the next level.

It's a great way for them to immerse in their culture of origin while harnessing their creative and leadership skills all for serving the under privileged kids by giving them hope for a better tomorrow and treating them as equal peers.